Putting the Church's case
in the public square
Putting the Church's case in the public square
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By Kathleen O'Shea – Catholic Voice
7 April 2014

Gift, by asenat29Last week I read a story of a woman who loved her child. This is the real life story of the greatest kind of hero. They still exist, and this is truly heartening, in spite of the heart wrenching nature of her story. Elizabeth Joice faced a horrifying choice, she made her choice, and in doing so has offered an example of quiet, modern day heroism that strikes a chord, uplifts us and calls us to be better versions of ourselves.


By Christina Kennedy – Catholic Voice
5 March 2014

Just before Christmas I treated myself to a short holiday to Sydney in an effort to escape the nine month long winter Melbourne had been going through. Because I am a cheapskate, I ignored the knowing looks that I got from friends when I told them I was flying with Tiger Airways.


By Christina Kennedy – Catholic Voice
13 February 2014

Serviceman Seaman Krista Stelzne draws pictures with a child

One of my family homes over the years was situated right next to a special needs school. Our house backed onto the playground so that if you went out into our back garden you would be greeted with a happy symphony of kids yelling and having fun as they played games at recess and lunch.


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December 20 2013

Around 3,000 young people descended upon Melbourne for the inaugural Australian Catholic Youth Festival held from 5 - 7 December. 


5 December 2013

"Catholic Voices recently provided a speaker at the final session of Theology at the Pub for 2013 at the Pumphouse Hotel in Fitzroy. The night involved dinner and drinks followed by a Q&A panel discussion on a variety of topics.


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