Putting the Church's case
in the public square
Putting the Church's case in the public square
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By Danielle Lupi – Catholic Voice
28 June 2014

Nurse in geriatry by Craig from Glasgow, ScotlandOne of the most extraordinary encounters I had was with an elderly person. She was unable to speak. I held her hand and told her how beautiful she was and what an incredible life she had led. I looked lovingly into her eyes and she looked back at me with the same love and thankfulness. I also saw fear in those eyes which moved me to hold her hand tighter to reassure her. What an amazing moment to be united with this human being, a stranger until now.


By Christina Kennedy – Catholic Voice
28 April 2014

Vacation in my backyard, by mandolinnIf I had to choose between having a list of things that must get done by the end of the day, or sitting on a beach with nothing to do but soak up the sun, the more ‘comfortable’ thing for me to do is take the list, square my shoulders and face the challenge of the day ahead. For a long time I thought this was the best way to live. But then I read a marvellous work by a philosopher called Josef Pieper, simply called ‘Leisure: The Basis of Culture’.


By Kathleen O'Shea – Catholic Voice
7 April 2014

Gift, by asenat29Last week I read a story of a woman who loved her child. This is the real life story of the greatest kind of hero. They still exist, and this is truly heartening, in spite of the heart wrenching nature of her story. Elizabeth Joice faced a horrifying choice, she made her choice, and in doing so has offered an example of quiet, modern day heroism that strikes a chord, uplifts us and calls us to be better versions of ourselves.


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Catholic Voices Australia invites you to apply for the National Speakers Training Course to be held 16-19 January 2015 in Melbourne. We are looking for people interested in receiving training to join our current team of speakers.


December 20 2013

Around 3,000 young people descended upon Melbourne for the inaugural Australian Catholic Youth Festival held from 5 - 7 December. 


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